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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Interesting times in Indian E-Retailing

These are interesting times for E-Commerce in India.

Companies are getting funded by the dozens, spending money on TVCs and burning investor money, distributing gift coupons as if it were cheaper that water, and what not. In short, e-commerce is catching up!

So, an e-commerce company X, famous for selling books online, recently started offering replacement guarantee for electronic products.

Company Y, another e-commerce player in electronics space, responded with:

In these fascinating times, shut shop, stating competition to be too cut-throat for building a profitable business.

One e-commerce website selling electronics and gadgets since inception, entered into another category - "Toys"!

A milestone day for India’s ecommerce industry was observed recently. While most of the sites are selling mobile, tablets, perfumes etc. Ebay went a step further and sold ‘milk giving black young buffalo 20 liter per day’.

Apart from free shipping offer (national courier), the deal also comes with 7-days exchange offer!

Deal websites are not just about deal anymore. They have entered mainstream e-retailing.

Very recently, Bollywood felt left out. Yes, Bollywood. After all, who would want to miss the e-commerce money making race.

Karishma Kapoor recently invested in an e-commerce startup that operates a retail website for kids.  Ajay Devgan launched an e-ticketing and film entertainment site in January this year. Other investors in this venture include Sanjay Dutt, Bollywood producer Nitin Manmohan, Vatsal Seth, Ramakant Tibrewal, Vijay Jain and Amit Sharma of Roha JP Group. Seth has also set up with actor Sohail Khan. Surely, Indian celebrities are now reaching beyond endorsements and turning into full-fledged angel investors focused on start-ups.

Finally, not all is well. will tell you why? Interesting name for a blog, isn't it? Read the article titled Dear Flip****, Your Customer Service Has Started Sucking. Shoppers are unhappy to the extent that they have dedicated a blog and websites to voice their frustration. 

And it is just the beginning!

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