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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The daily deal nerve discovered!

Daily deals brought to you by companies such as Snapdeal, Crazeal etc., has brought “coupon-clipping” to an entirely new generation and it’s made it cool. It’s social. It’s a community of people working together if for nothing else but the simple joy of finding a spectacular deal. It joins the masses for the greater good. Bargain hunters unite!

Daily deal sites count on the fact that the limited time frame will pressure people into making a quick decision. You see that timer ticking (a clever visual pressure tactic) and there’s a limited number of the specific deal left, N number of people already bought it and maybe you want to be part of group that’s getting in on a great bargain. After all there’s nothing worse than feeling left out and possibly it’s something you’ll actually use…maybe. But it’s not long after that impulse shopping’s close relative, buyer’s remorse sets in.

Recently, an elderly relative visited me and showed his new Android phone. During our conversation, he mentioned he had been getting spam SMSes about deals, sometimes in the middle of the night. I offered to help him. I said I can install a SMS blocker on his phone and he can have his peace of mind. "No", he promptly replied, "sometimes the deals are interesting and I can't miss those!".

I was taken aback but I know how that feels. It is like “Shaadi ka laddoo – jo khaye pachtaye, jo na khaye pachtaye” or "Every coin has two sides".

So what is the way out? To have the cake and eat it too? Well, there are many preachy 'dos and donts' articles out there that help you decide on what deals to buy. And there is another way - don't succumb and subscribe to every daily deal website but have some friends in your group who do that and have their number in your phone's favourite list! After all - "har ek friend zaroori hota hai!".


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