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Friday, July 15, 2011

The New Sony Vaio Advertisement

Have you seen the new Sony Vaio advertisement featuring Kareena Kapoor in a myriad of colors? Indeed, the background setup and the costumes in the ad are bright and vibrant and the music pleasing. It goes well with the tag line "More colors, more style".

But what caught my attention was the concept of the commercial. The concept is simple - wear a matching dress to go with your laptop's exterior or the other way around. It's like the Kohler commercial that was on air few years back. The words struck me - "So.. what can I do for you?..... Design a house around this."

The Kohler advertisement was simply amazing but Sony Vaio commercial made me feel pity about it. In the competitive laptop market, each company is trying to beat it's competitor. With no real USP, companies are now competing on trivials. It seems as if these companies are saying - Take 1 GB more RAM, or the new 15.555" wide screen laptop, or take more covers for your laptop. As if the women of our times don't have burden of choosing the right dress for the occassion, they have one more to make now.

It is not difficult to vision what is coming next, for tomorrow, they may come up with washable laptop covers, and God forbid, tie up with a detergent selling companies and offer 1 kg pack free with every purchase of laptop!

My point is innovation is important and there is no substitute for it. Cheap marketing gimmicks and creativity shown at the wrong place will not lead to happy customers and not drive sales. There is no value creation in trifles.

The Sony Vaio Commercial:

The Kohler commercial:

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