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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Turn Traffic Jams Around

I am an avid follower of "The speaking tree" on Times of India (TOI). The quality and content of this newspaper has considerably gone down, but this section in TOI gives me lot of hope. I am sure others find it the same way.

Look at the graphs below. You must have seen them before. In two words, we can summarize them as "growth" and "decay". But of what? Decay of happiness and growth of negativity in our lives. For different people, the slope of the curve will be different, but the trend is common.

And then I read an article by Shri Nimishananda which gave a precise answer to this life's perennial problem. Excerpts from his writing:

"We are moving along with the current of our desires, our own goals, aims and agendas. We are constantly thinking of negative things, having a sense of fear unnecessarily and constantly expecting the worst to happen. Negativity and adversities are attracted by our negative state of being and they come and settle in us, making our mind a garbage bin.

Many a time we feel that everybody is victimizing us for no fault of ours, making us feel very pathetic and ordinary. Instead, when we don't unnecessarily assume and presume the above, we value and feel that life is precious, auspicious, esteemed and extra ordinary. Meditation brings about this awareness to make our life extra ordinary.

Even if you are caught in a traffic jam, relax and enjoy the respite from driving. Resolve that "I will now convert this traumatic situation into a blissful one". Then, evolve by chanting a mantra, singing a bhajan or praying for someone whom you think is suffering. Then, you convert an ordinary moment into an extra ordinary moment of presence of mind and wisdom.

So, rejuvenate and refresh your soul. Don't worry about the traffic ahead or behind. Till the traffic moves, you can not move anyway! So, just relax and use this time to touch your inner core; accept the traffic jam as being inevitable."

So,  what is important is to acknowledge and address it and finally invert the graphs above! Have a nice weekend!

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